Function: Technology: Multistage filter column – filter – UF membrane

With multistage filter column: filter and remove sediments larger than 10 micro and remove heavy metals dissolved in water through oxidation contact.

Refinery equipment: here we select the filter size of 5µm that allows the complete removal of suspended components, sediments larger than 5µm. Decreasing the sex drive caused by sediment is the basis for operating the UF ultrafiltration membrane.

0.01 µm ultrafiltration membrane can filter out impurities smaller than bacteria, remove oil, grease, metal hydroxide, colloids, emulsions, suspended solids, and most large particles of 0.01µm and other solutions such as (pollen, algae, parasites, viruses, and pathogenic bacteria …) and especially can kill bacteria up to 99.9% seemingly no longer bacteria. Larger molecules such as impurities, viruses, bacteria will be trapped and discharged through the exhaust. Through all the most rigorous filtration steps from UF filters, filters and industrial ultrafiltration membranes, a pure water source is guaranteed for optimal health for all users.

No Content of Unit Unit SL Origin
I. Heavy metal handling equipment
1 Upstream filtered water pump Capacity: 0.37 KW Flow: 0.6 m3 / h, head of 30 m Voltage: 1pha / 220V The 1 G20
2 304 stainless steel pressure filter column, Epoxy coated column bed Model: 1054 D = 250mm. H = 1400 mm, Column 1 G20
3 Gravel supporting Density: 1450 kg / m3 Particle size: 3-5 mm Kg 15 Vietnam
4 Quartz sand Specific gravity: 1450 kg / m3 Particle size: 0.8-1.2 mm Bag 1 Vietnam
5 Heavy metal treatment materials Kg 25 Vietnam
6 Activated carbon Specific gravity: 500 kg / m3 Iodine index: 900 mg / g Kg 10 Gaia-Malaysia
7 Autovalve automatically scouring and filtering Cai 1 G20
II. CARTRID filtration system
1 20 ″ 1 cartridge filter cartridge size 5 um 1 pcs
III. UF filtration system
1 Imported UF Membrane UF INOX Membrane Imported 1 G20
2 Flow meter (measuring water) clean water Measuring range: 10-11 LPM Cai 2 ZYIA – G20
3 Water pressure gauge Cai 1 ZYIA – G20





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