Toan A company would like to introduce to you the pure RO water filtration system with a capacity of 250L / h:

Product name RO system 250L / H
Code RO1-250 F1
Features 1. The system operates with intelligent control circuits
2. The meter displays the total dissolved solids (TDS) of pure water, LCD display

3. Coarse filter column, activated carbon, softener, R.O filter washed automatically or semi-automatically or manually

4. The circuit automatically switches off when the tank is full of pure water or automatically turns on when the water reaches the specified level

5. Pump protection circuit when there is no water in the upstream water

6. The circuit protects the whole system when the power goes out, the voltage drops, the circuit is turned off or the voltage is increased, the current is suddenly. Or when the water pressure on the system rises

Technical features
Production capacity 250L / H, 25oC
Size 1,500 x 900 x 1,500 mm
Total capacity of 1.8 kW
AC power supply 220V – 18A or AC 380V 12A, 50Hz
0.55 kW upstream water pump (01 unit)
Ø250 x H1400 mm filter columns (03 pcs)
R.O (PP 20 ”-5mc) Ø120xH520 protective filter (01 pcs)
Multistage R.O booster pump 1.1 kW (01 unit)
R.O R.O 4040 Membrane (01 pcs)
UV germicidal UV lamp 3GPM (01 unit)
1 oz / h ozone generator (01 unit)
Autovalve automatic washing, filtering 3 effects (02 pcs)
Autovalve automatically cleansing and reverting 5 effects (01 unit)
Filter material Gravel, quartz sand, manganese ore, activated carbon, exchangeable particles
Piping, accessories 01 set
Electrical cabinet controls 01 cabinet
Other supplies,…. 01 set
Advantages of 250l / h pure water production system
With the principle of strict and strict operation as above, this pure water filtration line has many advantages:

The system is operated completely automatically through electronic control valves. The system is equipped with flow and pressure gauges and total dissolved solids, charged ions, minerals, salts and metals that exist in a given mass. Helps the system to automatically turn on and off and ensure absolute safety, saving manpower.
This bottled water production line is manufactured and imported directly from the United States with high durability and equipment life, along with a global warranty according to the manufacturer’s standards.
RO water filtration technology of the new generation, the most advanced and modern today, does not use chemicals and is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.
The watch system helps operators quickly grasp the operation of the chain.
The pure water production system of 250l / h is a high quality product, distributed by Toan A environmental technology joint stock company, which has many outstanding features compared to many other lines on the market. With the ability to operate smoothly, save supply water, very little discharge, suitable for all water sources and can easily upgrade capacity if the investor requires.

Toan A Company specializes in researching and developing technologies and water treatment systems. With years of experience and good staff, ready to advise and answer all questions from customers. If you are in need of installing a 20L bottled pure water production line and are still concerned about many issues, you can contact us directly for the most dedicated support. Contact information is published officially and widely on Toan A’s homepage.

This article has just introduced to readers the modern water production system of 250l / h of Toan A company. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand the operating principle and the strengths that the system brings to investors in clean water production. Having fun!




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