RO – EDI (Reverse Osmosis – Electrodeionization) is the best water filtration technology used in EDI water filtration systems for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. The basic system is a combination of reverse osmosis and demineralization. Through the EDI system, water meets the requirements for ultra-pure water applications for the pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the quality of the feed water, depending on customers’ requirements, our RO – EDI water filtration systems can design different capacities and fully equip themselves with PLC systems.

For the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of water sources used for the production of drugs for the pharmaco-chemical industry must meet the Pharmacopoeia IV standards: conductivity <4.3μS / cm, and some other criteria not detected. Therefore, the production system for the pharmaceutical industry needs to apply the most advanced technology currently known as EDI technology.

Our Toan A Company is proud to be the leader in EDI water treatment system in Vietnam, pleased to introduce to you EDI water filtration system for pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Pretreatment system.
RO System
EDI system (EDI system)
Sterilization system.
Source water is the input of the RO water treatment system. Within the framework of Pharmaceutical factories and health facilities in Vietnam, we would like to mention the quality and basic components of the municipal tap water system (which is the final product of the treatment process). treatment of groundwater or bore wells)

It is important in the water treatment system to ensure microbiological criteria. Therefore, the water tanks are made of sus 304 and sus 316. The container is always closed during working and is equipped with water level warning devices in the jar. These devices will control the working process of the R.O pump as well as the water supply pump.

Water filtration systems for the pharmaceutical industry are fully automated operation:

Using GF + online measuring devices and Siemens PLC programming software
The system is automatically operated, strict water quality control, with timely warnings
To achieve the quality of ultra-pure water, meeting the production needs, after 2-level RO, the water is demineralized with EDI equipment.

EDI equipment contains mixed exchange beads or common Cationic and Anion exchange resins. A special feature, the EDI water treatment system does not need to turn off the machine to replace the plastic particles or for chemical recycled plastic. Because of this, EDI equipment has 2 salient features:

Minimize water quality disturbances
Reduce operating costs.
Principle of operation of the EDI device:

When applying direct current to the anode (+) and cathode (-) electrodes, under the effect of electric current, the anion in water moves through the anion film to the anode (+) or to the concentrated phase (phase) cation, while cation moves through the cation membrane to the electrode or to the concentrated phase (waste phase). The deionized water flow was collected in the diluent compartment (clean compartment). The water in the concentrator compartment and the electrode compartment are collected along the outlet and discarded.

Water resistivity up to 18.2 MΩ.cm. EDI can be run continuously or intermittently.





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