Human activities such as sports activities, work with high intensity, work that requires a lot of labor, … sweating a lot, are the main causes that make our body lose a lot of large minerals. To compensate for the loss of minerals, we need to replenish the body on a regular basis, bottled mineral water is the best and fastest solution.
Meeting the growing demand for bottled mineral water in Vietnam, Toan A Company is proud to be the leading unit in the field of water filtration and domestic water treatment. Export bottled mineral water to ensure safety, hygiene and quality assurance.
Below is the technological process of a bottled mineral water filtration line
In nature, there are some water sources with high mineral content, which work very well for the body, this source is mixed with pure water to ensure some content of Na +, K +, I-, HCO3-, … Limit of standard bottled mineral water. Accordingly, the process of producing bottled mineral water of Toan A company will go through the following steps:

The upstream water is underground water, containing mineral ions according to the standard of bottled mineral water.
Water is led through the filter column:
Multistage filter column: mixed water source is processed through heavy metal treatment materials to remove the content of Fe2 +, Mn, Arsenic, …
Charcoal filter column: Using a variety of activated carbon, with specific gravity and large surface area of ​​about 900m2 / g, where coal will absorb residual chlorine, other organic compounds in water, copper deodorant time.
Ion exchange column: Here the Na + cations exchange with Mg2 +, Ca2 +, cations. Other metals have high valence on the surface of ion exchange particles, reducing the hardness of water, thus Check the column will meet the soft water standard.
Filter Cartridge: the slot size of this filter <5µm, will help completely remove the suspended solids arising in the system to protect the safety of RO membrane.
RO membrane: Apply the reverse osmosis mechanism, increase the water filtration efficiency of the membrane up to 96.95%. The outlet water of the membrane is pure water due to the complete removal of foreign ions, bacteria, fungi and algae.
Satisfactory no microorganisms in the water for operating room system, after RO water filtration, the conductivity of water is 10µS / cm.
Disinfection stage: by UV light system or Ozone generator, it can kill bacteria arising in pipeline.
Then through the bacteria filter core to remove the body of microorganisms that have been destroyed at the sterilization stage.
The mineral source will be processed separately according to a special process to remove harmful ions and retain beneficial ions, mixed with pure water after RO with a certain proportion to produce mineral water. .
Water is taken into the tank for packaging or for use.

Some pictures of the bottled mineral water production line


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