Dear Customer!

First of all, on behalf of Toan A Environment Technology Joint Stock Company would like to express our sincere thanks to the attention of our customers for our products and services.

Toan A Environment Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 2003 on the basis of learning, creating and expanding business and production capacity. Over many years of construction and development, Toan A is proud to be the leading flag in the field of supplying materials, components, installing and transferring technology of industrial and civil water treatment systems.

The products of our company are diverse in types of models and the most advanced technology.

Over the past years, Toan A has been maintaining its position in the supply of equipment and technology transfer for many units operating in industries such as:

Production line of pure water, mineral water, bottled water, bottled water, ice cubes, cold storage.
Treatment of ultrapure water: serving for microchip industry – semiconductor, pharmaceutical production, dialysis water for large hospitals.
Industrial water treatment: for food processing industry, beverage, cosmetics, other industries ..
Treating water for daily life in residential areas, schools and offices.
Water treatment of auxiliary works: swimming pool, …
Wastewater treatment: Industry, Medical, pharmaceutical, civil, ..
DISTRIBUTION OF WATER TREATMENT COMPONENTS: Filter element: coarse filter element, fine filter element, household RO core, Industrial RO filter membrane, Composite filter tank, stainless steel from civil to industrial use, Filter material: Plastic ion exchange, activated carbon, sand, gravel, metal-processing materials … Control valves, pumps: Civil pumps, industrial pumps, … Auxiliary machines: Bottling machine, filling, cleaning, bottle-shrinking …

Along with the efforts of all employees and the trust of our customers, Toan A Environment Technology Joint Stock Company will try to develop more and more sustainable development, provide equipment and transfer advanced technology. , present to bring the best quality products to serve customers.

Best Regards !